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Does the Stage 10 ESS change illumination color?

No...but we wanted it that way.

We spent a lot of time deciding whether or not to add multiple colors, but in the end, we went for high-end, classy, simple design.

The Stage 10 version ESS, unlike some other versions on the market, does not change illumination. 

It is available in ECO GREEN or ELECTRIC BLUE.


Every version of the ESS in Japan has a "unique" trait so that each manufacturer does not end up selling the exact same product.


For Stage 10, the biggest difference is the LEFT HAND DRIVE adaptation. This adaptation is more than just a simple button relocation. The main software has been changed as well.

Another major concern is cost...especially with the Japanese Yen vs. US dollar.

Things from Japan cost about 15-20% more thanks to the global economy and exchange rate.

If the color adjustment functions were incorporated into the mother board, the ESS would retail at over $300 and we felt that that was too much for the shifter.

While a color adjustable version is not entirely out of the question, ECO GREEN and ELECTRIC BLUE will be the only colors available for illumination. 

If you don't mind the buttons being on the other side, we invite you to check out the other versions available from the manufacturers. 

All of them will still provide much driving pleasure and clean up the interior of your Prius.