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Why do some orders take so long to order?



We try and keep the ESS in stock at all times. 

Sometimes however, unforeseen waves of orders can deplete stock for certain items. If the item is out of stock, we re-order from the factory in Japan. 

For ELECTRONIC items, two different factors affect the lead times for production.

    1. CASE COVERS: The top covers (with the Stage 10 logo)  are custom produced in bulk quantities. The SILVER case is used for both the GREEN and BLUE models (the CARBON case is also used for both the GREEN and BLUE models) so when they run out, we have to reorder. The custom cases take 30-45 days to produce.

    2. CONTROL UNIT (BLUE/GREEN): These control units include the mother-board, buttons, and entire base unit EXCEPT for the CASE    COVER. The GREEN and BLUE units are produced separately and when either of these run out, we have to re-order. These usually take 2 months to produce in Japan. 

Add CASE COVER installation, packing, air freight from JAPAN to LA, and domestic shipping to your doorstep and you can see why we ask for a maximum of 45 days for re-orders.  

            While this is the real situation for productions, we do forecast and try to make sure that lead times never reach the full 45 day span.

            The bright side is that these items are lovingly special ordered and unique. We appreciate your understanding.



Stage 10 is an official partner with C-WEST, EURO LABS DESIGN, and GT-NET. This means that their warehouse is our warehouse. This means that their stock is our stock. When you ask us for delivery times, we ask C-WESTJapan direct for the best possible communication.

C-WEST  USA does stock many applications at the US office, but the newer items are shipped straight from Japan. C-WEST usually quotes 2 months for all aero kit sales.

This includes 1.5 months for ocean container shipment, and some extra time for order processing. 

All shipping is handled directly by C-WEST USA and Stage 10 does not add charges for shipping.

All C-WEST items will be officially shipped DIRECT from the C-WEST warehouse for 100% authenticity.