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Will the ESS void my factory TOYOTA PRIUS warranty?


As with any aftermarket product, common sense is required. We have had no claims so far, but it is possible some dealers will have a zero tolerance for any after market product.

If there is ANY concern about voiding your factory Prius warranty through the use of this product, PLEASE DO NOT BUY IT.

Toyota and other vehicle manufacturers warranty the transmission and drivetrain according to their own parts. While our ESS was developed by Toyota related race engineers and adheres to the highest engineering and design quality standards, it IS an aftermarket product and should only be used on vehicles that can afford to have the transmission warranty voided.

Stage 10 and it's affiliates cannot be held responsible for any warranty claim resulting from the proper and improper use of this product.

The ESS is an aftermarket unit intended for fun driving and custom lifestyles. But with that fun comes the potential for some sacrifice. Please consider all potential risks before purchasing this product. (^^)